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Swami Hamsa Jnanananda
Vedic Wedding Officiant

The elements of water, fire and flower offering come together with Sanskrit prayer, in the ancient art of authentic Vedic Brahman water temple blessing and rite of marriage ceremony.


For your wedding day by way of service, Swami Hamsa brings a complete and authentic quality of the divine to your wedding ceremony. She offers a contemporary Vedic style and a soft Devi energy to your 45-min -1hr western yogic wedding service.

Including Vedic flower water blessing, the ceremony is for yoga couples who would prefer to be married by an experienced Swami, rather than someone from the Christian tradition, which is more available in the West.

Swami Hamsa brings an element of enchantment to the aspect of sacred union within matrimonial rites. She has a touching and inspirational way, with a supportive, clear speaking voice and attention to detail.

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The use of water is by way of a sacred blessing bowl, or wild water, if your marriage ceremony is to be held outside. Flower offerings or petals, Sanskrit prayer and a small sacred flame, known as an Artii lamp, will all be traditionally used, as part of the service Swami Hamsa offers.

This is a beautifully rounded and compassionate bespoke service,

held with grace and power.

The happy couple are invited to design the finer details of their wedding ceremony, including any integration with other traditions, and if they wish, to write their own wedding vows; Swami Hamsa is happy to advise on this.

Swami Hamsa is available April ~ October yearly

  • Preliminary meeting

  • Devotional preparation (optional)

  • Spiritual support

  • Rehearsal

  • Wedding Day Ceremony

Services do not include:

  • International Travel expenses & any interior decoration.

  • Flower offering or petals, for the water element of the wedding service, to be provided by the happy couple. Traditionally rose flowers.

Our story
Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt

"Swami Hamsa is a wonderful and loving being with a completely unique and authentic yoga experience. She has an amazing talent for allowing the very best qualities of those around her to effortlessly shine forth and brings a touch of love, grace and joy to everything she does. We can’t think of a more perfect person to conduct yogi weddings!"


Paul & Gosha ~ Japanese Tea Master & Animal Communication Specialist ~ Sweden

Swami Hamsa Jnanananda
Wedding Officiant

Swami Hamsa Jnanananda is an official English holy person living part of each year in devotional life, in India. She offers her gentle, sacred presence for your contemporary vedic yogi style wedding ceremony.

Swami Hamsa has spent over twenty eight years in spiritual life, including eighteen years with a Tantrica tradition, ten years of ashram style living, both in the UK and the Indian Himalayas, where she built a yoga ashram meditation hall.

Swami Hamsa took devotional spiritual life in 2013 as Sannyas, with Swami Nishchalananda, founder of Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, UK. She took Dikksha initiation as Swami in 2017 in India with Sri Swami Gwarindra of Bihar School of Yoga.

In 2023 Swami Hamsa became the world's first white western female Brahman, given full Brahman rites, at the Brahman holy lake water temple of Pushkar India. She lives part of each year on the holy lake on the Royal Ghatt with the Rajrishi family, who's lineage historically were Gurus to the Kings of India.

She lives a devotional life and brings her dedicated experience and grace to your bespoke wedding ceremony. In the future Swami Hamsa hopes to offer registrar services later in 2024 after taking exams for the UK.

Image by Annie Spratt

Vedic Baptism & Naming Ceremony

also available by request.

Contact Information

Thank you for your enquiry, I look forward to meeting you both


Guru Prasadan Moksha Dham

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